Firstly thank you to all that regular purchase photos. It makes the long days shooting and even longer nights editing all worth while. We do love watching that effortless dressage test or amazing jumping round. To those who keep us company the mums, dads and the riders too you keep us sane on those long days.

Onto the not so fun part ☹️ We love sharing our photos but what we do not like is seeing people using our photos without purchasing or without permission. To screenshot our photos is a form of stealing and in breach of copyright (you can not put the empty lolly wrapper back on the shelf). It is one thing to post a photo "I was there" "look at the jump" but to use the screenshot as a profile pic or a cover photo is another matter. If it's good enough to use then it's good enough to purchase. If you are using stolen photos to sell your horse, tack, offer a service (teaching, coaching, stallions, agistment, applying for a job etc) you are making money from our work (we can not pay our rent, car loan, maintenance of our gear, travel costs etc with FB LIKES) If we see or are told about any photos that breach copyright you WILL be sent a invoice for double the original price value, if the watermark has been edited or cropped in any way you will be sent a invoice for triple the original price value and don't expect any more photos to posted by us (BTW we know our photos even if you have cropped out the watermark).

If you wish to use our photos for any of the above you are more than welcome but just buy the photo first!!!


All proofs, enlargements & digital (email, CD or USB device) images remain the © of the respective photographer.  Under no circumstances are our photographs, proofs or prints to be copied & re-printed as photographs.  You may use the images for private advertising purposes such as the sale of a horse or gear, providing a photo credit is given.  Watermarked proofs must not be used under any circumstances in any form whatsoever for advertising platforms such as flyers or websites; including, but not limited to sites such as Facebook, Social Media Sites or other websites.  We are happy for you to use purchased images on websites & all we ask in return is a photo credit alongside the image for the photographer who took the image.

Those who choose to ignore the above information & are noted to be repeat offenders will find that there will no longer be photos of them or their relatives appear on the website & any existing photos will also be removed from the website.